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The pre-workout with nothing to hide.

Nude Scoop is committed to providing premium supplements. Our first product is our strawberry pre-workout which has no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, and no time for BS of any kind. Honest, clean, and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Formulated specifically for active women, it’s a delicious way to boost your mental clarity and physical performance. Whether your workout is an intense HIIT session or low-key spin class. Think of it as a friend that keeps you accountable—the extra nudge you need to crush it at the gym.

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Born of passion. And frustration.

Our founder was on the hunt for a product that would give her a bit more motivation for her workouts—you know, a little something more than coffee but less than tequila. It was around this time she'd started taking inulin for improved digestion (it’s seriously our favourite ingredient). When she started looking for a clean pre-workout that met her high standards, she came up blank. Every. Single. Time. So she took matters into her own hands, and built the perfect product from the ground up.

Our goal is to create better-for-you women’s supplements. And we’re serious about it. Stay tuned for more products launching soon, or, if you’re as passionate as we are, send us an email to let us know what you’d like to see next. We’re all on the same page here.

What people are saying

“ I've found a lot of pre-workouts cause jitters, heart palpations and crash. This stuff is amazing for women! I felt like Wonder Woman all day long! “

Alaya Rose

“ I LOVE this prework out because it tastes amazing, and I feel so energized after taking it. I'm killing it at the gym. “

Brooke Lloyd

“I get the opportunity to try a lot of different pre-workouts and I have to say that this is my favorite by far. It really does give you the "pump" that everyone talks about. “

Jessa Malone

“ The difference between this pre-workout and all the others I've tried is that the effects of this one last for hours. I can feel it working for 3 hours after taking it, and it's super affordable. “

Liana Sweeney

“ I am a competitor and I have used pre-workout supplements for years. This is by far the best one. I am able to train longer and harder than ever before. “

Rosie Graham

“ Worked great, no jitters, just pure energy and focus. If you're looking for a pre-workout that gives you an intense boost without all the side effects, this is it. “

Isabelle Poole

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